Life on Point is an extension of Connection Point Church in Jackson, Missouri where we aim to help you navigate life by pointing you to Jesus.

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Interview with Aaron Abramson | Life on Point #19

With Israel being at the forefront of the news and social media, we wanted to sit down and talk with Aaron Abramson, chief operating officer with Jews for Jesus, and h...

Biblical Manhood | Life on Point #18

Defining the characteristics of gender is a topic that can potentially flame controversy. No gender role, responsibilities, or definition is more in debate or misconst...

Prayer | Life on Point #17

Prayer is a pivotal part of the Christian life. In this episode, Pastors Chris and Darren speak on the point and manner of communicating with God through prayer.

As for Me and My House | Life on Point #16

We often see the expression "As for me and my house" on home decorum and apparel, but when Joshua made that statement, it carried a lot of weight. What about today? Ca...

Worship | Life on Point #15

Worship of the Lord is often tied to music exclusively. In this episode however, Pastors Chris and Darren discuss what worship truly is, and how to do so with a pure h...

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